Stewardship Commission



                The Stewardship Commission is concerned with the promotion of Christian stewardship as a way of life, and how living out our call to discipleship in service to the Church and her members provides a living example by which the spirit of evangelization is witnessed.


 The Commission’s education responsibilities are to:

  • Foster a parish environment in which Christian stewardship as a way of life is understood, accepted and practiced.
  • Develop programs that allow parishioners to discern their God-given skills and talents and how they may be put to use in the ministries of the Church.
  • Develop family finance study programs based on Scripture and The Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Encourage parishioners’ endowment gifts through distribution of planned giving newsletters, will awareness seminars and other materials.

The Commission’s stewardship responsibilities are to:

  • Coordinate the process for encouraging parishioners to share their time, talents and treasure in parish ministries, activities and support.
  • Plan, recommend, and with Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Financial Council approval, implement actions for the most effective use of parish resources; these resources include parishioners’ time, skills and talents, and offered funds.

The Commission’s administrative responsibilities are to:

  • Coordinate the annual parish Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) campaign following guidelines in the Archdiocese of Detroit manual, Catholic Services Appeal:  Planning for Success.
  • Coordinate all parish fundraising programs and activities in accordance with Pastoral Council and Finance Council approval and in line with overall parish priorities and objectives.


               The Stewardship Commission ideally should consist of 6 o 10 parishioners and include members of the pastoral staff as resources.  Considering the purposes of the commission, parishioners who are familiar with the principles of Christian stewardship and have the ability to identify and call forth those in the parish communion with the gifts and talents necessary to build parish programs, should serve on the commission.

               The structure of this commission can differ greatly from parish to parish.  However, whatever structure is adopted, if successful, will find a way to extend the Parish Pastoral Council’s vision for parish Stewardship out to the whole parish.

               Some of the following committees might prove helpful in putting into effect the parish vision for Stewardship:

  • Christian Stewardship Education and Formation Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Gifts and Talents Committee